Baratza Forte AP

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Our Take On The Baratza Forte AP

"the Forte AP (All Purpose Grinder) is a compact, commercial grade grinder, dedicated to grinding for ALL brew methods" - Baratza 

This award winning versatile grinder can be used commercially as well as in your home. The Baratza Forte AP is a precision grinder capable of grinding for all types of coffee (drip, french press, espresso, etc.). Featuring an upgraded motor, a touch screen display, weight based dosing and 54mm ceramic flat burrs, the Forte AP is Baratza's most diverse grinder. 

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Product Highlights

  • It's large 53mm ceramic flat burrs are tough, quiet and built to last. Ceramic burrs transfer less heat giving you a cup full of the intended flavors from your beans.
  • Similar to the Sette 270Wi, the Forte has weight-based dosing howevr not directly into a portafilter. Program the Forte based on grams the let the grinder do the work for you!
  • It's high torque motor rotates slowly preventing large amounts of heat from being transferred from the burrs to your beans.
  • Program your Forte via the LCD touchscreen with 3 settings based on weight or time.
  • More Features You'll Love

    • Burrs made in Europe
    • Diverse grinder
    • Commercial trusted
    • Hopper stopper
    • 10oz bean hopper capacity
    • Portafilter holder
    • Compact footprint
    • Thermal overload equipped
    • 30 Day Free Returns & Exchanges


    What's In The Box

    • Baratza Forte AP Burr Grinder
    • 10 Ounce Bean Hopper
    • Instruction Manual (hard copy)

    How It Compares

    Here's how the Forte compares to similar Baratza models:

    • Sette 30 ($249)- 40mm burr set, 31 grind settings, 10oz hopper capacity, portafilter holder
    • Sette 270 ($399) -40mm burr set, 270 grind settings, 10oz hopper capacity, electronic dosing, portafilter holder, programmable
    • Sette 270Wi ($549) -40mm burr set, 270 grind settings, 10oz hopper capacity, electronic dosing, portafilter holder with Acaia weighing technology, programmable


    Technical Specifications

    Made In Germany (Burrs), Taiwan (Casing)
    Manufacturer Baratza
    Height 14.2 inches
    Width 5.5 inches
    Depth 5 inches
    Weight 13 pounds
    Bean Hopper
    Capacity 10 ounces
    Material Plastic
    Stopper? Yes
    Burr Set
    Size 53mm
    Design Ceramic Flat
    RPM of Burrs 1950 RPM
    Material Plastic
    Color Options Silver
    Watts 240W
    Voltage 110V
    Design Stepped - Macro and Micro Settings
    Portafilter Holder? Yes
    Bins Container? Yes
    Programmable? Yes - 3 profiles by weight or time
    Manual Grinding Yes
    Length 1 year
    Coverage Parts, labor & shipping (both ways). Provided by Baratza

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