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La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi ii Red Coffee Maker

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Dual Boiler

Dual boilers on the Mini Vivaldi provide superior control, consistency and comfort. Each boiler dedicated to one specific task (either brewing or steaming), ensures your machine will operate at full capacity, will zero loss of pressure, during every use. 

Each boiler's temperature can be controlled and adjusted providing you further support. Avoid sour and bitter tasting espresso shots by adjusting your brew boiler's temperature as necessary. Adjust your steam boiler's temperature to increase (or decrease) your steam power. 

Front Loading Water Reservoir

The Mini Vivaldi cannot be plumbed directly to your water line. It does, however, contain an incredibly convenient front loading water reservoir. Fill and re-fill it with ease without making a mess. 

Saturated Group Head

The benefits of a saturated group head directly effect the quality of your espresso shots. They warm up much faster and are known to hold temperatures longer while providing superior consistency when compared to an E61 heated group head. 

Vibratory Pump

Durable, consistent and economical, vibratory pumps are the most common pump found in home espresso machines. The only downside is the noise level. Vibe pumps are a tad noisier than their rotary pump brothers. The quality of espresso, however, is more than comparable on a vibratory pump espresso machine.

Technical Specs
Made In Italy
Model S1 Mini Vivaldi II
Width 16.5 inches
Depth 16.5 inches
Height 15.25 inches
Weight 62 lbs.
Wattage 1250w (steam boiler), 800w (brew boiler)
Voltage 110v
PID Technology Yes
Dual Boiler Yes
Reservoir Capacity 3 liters
Steam Boiler Capacity 1.2 liters
Brew Boiler Capacity 0.45 liters
Cup Warmer Yes
Portafilter Size 53mm
Portafilters Included Two (single, double shot)
Warm Up Time 20 minutes
Warranty 2 years

Extended Warranty - On Us

Cliff & Pebble is an authorized La Spaziale Online USA retailer. Our machines come directly from the exclusive USA importer. Rest assured, your machine will be covered by the manufacturer when you purchase from us. 2 years parts and labor is covered completely. 

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