Best Prosumer Espresso Machines

What is a prosumer espresso machine?

Prosumer machines, when compared to semi-automatic espresso machines, contain a commercial heating element. Heat is one of the two most important aspects to consider when creating café-quality espresso with the other being pressure. Here at Cliff & Pebble we only sell the top prosumer brands like Rocket Espresso and Quick Mill Espresso. Since there are so many options to choose from, we've created this list of our favorite prosumer espresso machines to help you narrow down your list!

Why We Only Sell Prosumer Machines

We've chosen to solely focus on the best. By only selling machines we know & trust, you're guaranteed to receive a machine that will, if taken care of properly, last you decades. Buying an espresso machine on Amazon will only lead to headaches and a product that, while it will certainly be cheaper, will break within a year if you're even that lucky. So, why do we only sell prosumers?

  1. They'll last you decades.
  2. Prosumer espresso machines are typically handmade and use superior materials.
  3. Our manufacturers stand behind they machines.

Best Rocket Espresso Machines

Rocket Espresso Milano is one of our favorite Italian manufacturers. A brand that cares about all aspects of their machines, from design to function, putting a Rocket in your kitchen means one thing - you're serious about your morning coffee. Handmade just outside of Milan, Rocket machines are simple, sleek, and sexy. Combining the latest innovations with gorgeous design makes Rocket one of the most popular prosumer brands on the market today!  

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Best Quick Mill Espresso Machines

Quick Mill is, and has been well respected in the espresso machine world since 1945. Offering the same quality and performance as Rocket Espresso, you can typically find better value in a Quick Mill as their machines tend to offer more features at a cheaper price point. As a proud Quick Mill dealer, we offer the full line from Quick Mill including the Rubino (exclusive to Cliff & Pebble)!

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