Cliff & Pebble Rainbow Milk Steaming Pitcher


Rainbow Milk Steaming Pitcher

Available in two sizes, 12oz & 20oz, liven up your milk steaming with this colorful rainbow milk steaming pitcher. 

Perfecting your milk steaming is a process. One that takes time and patience. Selecting a milk steaming pitcher that works well with your espresso machine is vital to creating perfect milk for lattes, cappuccinos and all your favorite coffee-based drinks. Some aspects to consider for your pitcher is size (how much milk can it hold?), handle (will it be comfortable?) and your steam wand size (is it long enough to steam milk efficiently with my pitcher?). 

Made of Stainless Steel

Made from high quality stainless steel, the rainbow milk steaming pitcher from Cliff & Pebble has been designed specifically for you to last forever. 

Tapered Spout

The tapered spout will make creating latte art effortless (once you get the hang of it) by providing more accuracy and control. 

Large Capacity

With two sizes available (12oz & 20oz), this milk steaming pitcher can provide you with enough room to steam for multiple drinks at once or just one. 

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