Eureka Olympus 75E Hi-Speed Espresso Grinder

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Eureka Olympus 75E High Speed Grinder

Product Description

Fast, quiet and efficient are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of the Olympus from Eureka. Featuring massive 75mm flat steel burrs, stepless adjustment and bottom burr adjustment for cleaning, the Olympus is an incredible value comparable to grinders twice double it's price.

With additional benefits like a grinding light, bottom burr adjustment (for easy cleaning) and a burr set that won't require re-dialing in after cleaning, the Olympus is everything you need for your home or commercial setup. 

Why You'll Love It

  • 75mm Flat Steel Burrs - Strong, wide and durable, the massive burrs on the Olympus will efficiently and evenly grind your beans for the highest quality espresso. 

  • 1400 RPM Motor - while not as quiet as the Atom, the Olympus contains a low RPM motor to reduce the transfer of heat from the burr set to your beans resulting in a better, more flavorful cup of espresso. 

  • Fast - it's powerful motor and large burr set combine for a quick grinding experience. Grind for a double shot of espresso in under 5 seconds!

Best Used For

  • Espresso