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Rocket Espresso Faustino Flat Burr Coffee Grinder

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Our Take On The Rocket Faustino Coffee Grinder

Just like it's big brother, the Fausto Macinatore, the Faustino is a true stunner. Available in four gorgeous color options (chrome, appartamento copper, appartamento white or black) the Faustino features 50mm flat burrs, stepless adjustment and electronic dosing via an incredibly responsive touchscreen! Combine that with the compact stature, powerful motor and large bean hopper, the Faustino is ideal for the at-home barista - especially those that already possess an Appartamento!   

Made In - Milan, Italy (Rocket Espresso Milano)

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Product Highlights

  • Its 50mm flat burrs are essential for consistency and grind retention. The Faustino is a true pleasure to operate (not to mention look at!).
  • Available in four color options, the Faustino is perfect for any Appartamento owner or those looking for Rocket Espresso quality but not ready to pony-up for the larger-burred Macinatore Fausto
  • Program the Faustino based on grind time for single and double shot dosing. OR manually grind by simply pressing and holding down both buttons. 
  • A true beauty. Consistent with all Rocket Espresso products, the Faustino is gorgeous. It's newly designed touchscreen makes it simple & easy to operate for even the newest beginners. 
  • More Features You'll Love

    • Large, 0.70 lb. bean hopper with shutoff valve
    • Versatility - the Faustino can go fine or coarse for all types of brewing
    • Compact size - smaller than a commercial grinde yet a litter larger than say a Eureka Mignon grinder, the Faustino will fit perfectly in most kitchens


    What's In The Box

    • Rocket Espresso Faustino Grinder
    • Portafilter Holder
    • Bean Hopper
    • User Manual
    • 1 Year Warranty Provided By Rocket Espresso USA or other service partner

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    Technical Specifications

    Made In Milan, Italy
    Manufacturer Rocket Espresso Milano
    Height 15 inches
    Width 5.1 inches
    Depth 9 inches
    Weight  16.75 pounds
    Bean Hopper
    Capacity 0.70 pounds
    Material Plastic
    Stopper? Yes
    Burr Set
    Size 50mm
    Design Flat Steel
    RPM of Burrs 1650 RPM
    Material Aluminum
    Color Options Chrome, Appartamento Copper, Appartamento White, Black
    Watts 260W
    Voltage 110V
    Design Stepless - infinite settings
    Design Doserless, chute only
    Portafilter Holder? Yes
    Programmable? Yes, single, double shot by time
    Manual Grinding Yes
    Length 1 year
    Coverage Parts, labor, shipping both ways (Cliff & Pebble exclusive)

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