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Return Policy

The Best Return Policy In The Business - No Gimmicks 

You can send your item back up to 30 days after the date of delivery, unless you item was purchased during an extended return policy period. We'll always honor the more favorable policy. To return an item, contact us at your earliest convenience and we'll get the ball rolling!

After 30 Days? We never want any customer to keep a machine they aren't in love with. If 30 days have passed and the machine is in working condition, contains all original accessories and boxes - contact us and we'll take it back for a refund (not a dumb store credit!, unless you want that).  

Who Pays Shipping? We do!

Restocking Fees? Restocking fees are only applied if items are missing or you insufficiently pack your item resulting in damage during shipping. Please pack carefully. 

Why C&P? It's Easy

We Don't Do What's Easy. We do What's Right.

Selling Luxury Products Requires Luxury Customer Service

By purchasing a luxury espresso machine or grinder from Cliff & Pebble, you're getting more than a great product. You're also getting superior customer service and lifetime support. We believe spending a ton of money on something deserves more than just a good, quality product but also a customer service experience to match.

Our owner bought a Rocket Espresso machine from a dealer we wont name years ago and had the absolute worst experience imaginable. Not only was the "dealer" he purchased from unable to answer basic questions or provide technical support, but getting in touch with them was next to impossible. It took calling the manufactuer in Italy to get their attention. We believe this is complete nonsense given the expensive nature of the machine. 

Cliff & Pebble believes luxury products deserve a customer service experience on par with the quality of the product. We strive to make sure we're always available and offer the most lenient return policy of all our competitors. Don't like your product? We'll take it back as we don't want you to be stuck with something you don't LOVE. 

I've Never Heard Of Cliff & Pebble. Are You Legit? 

Of course. While new to the scene, we've quickly become one of the largest dealers for most brands we offer. We've done this by partnering with the exclusive importers of the brands we sell. Our machines come straight from them and often ship directly from them as well. Cliff & Pebble is a preferred dealer for the brands listed below. Rest assured, a machine purchaed from us will be backed by the manufactuer and in most cases will contain an extended warranty. In addition, we offer free gifts with all purchases. Don't like the current gifts? Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss alternate gifts. 

For more information on Cliff & Pebble or where your order will be coming from, please feel free to contact us at anytime!

Our distributors:

Rocket Espresso - Rocket Espresso USA, Chris' Coffee Service

Quick Mill - Chris' Coffee Service (exclusive importer)

La Spaziale - Chris' Coffee Service (exclusive importer)

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