Ceado E37S Electronic With Quick Set

Our Take On The Ceado E37S

83mm burrs. Allow me to repeat that - 83mm burrs! Massive. 

Larger burrs translates to higher levels of consistency, faster grind times, and overall better grind retention. Combined with a powerful 500W motor, the E37S is as fast as it is quiet. Suitable for home or commercial use, this beast contains electronic dosing, a steady-lock burr system, quick set gear, and a portafilter holder. Its touchscreen display is easy to use and innovative portioning system allows the user to dispense a single, double, or "extra" shot at the simple press of a button. 

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Product Highlights

  • Portioning System - Single, double shot, or "extra" shot dosing via the touch of a button. Programmable by time to 1/10th of a second. Manual grinding is also available.
  • It's massive 83mm burr set paired with a 500 watt motor makes the E37s a beast. Grind at 1.7 grams per second. Large burrs give you higher levels of consistency, better grind retention, and an overall better shot of espresso. 
  • It's steady lock system (unique to Ceado) is designed to improve consistency by ensuring there is a consistent distance between your burrs reducing any heat transfer. 
  • Quick Set gear allows the user to fine tune their grind in a stepless manner. It's as simple as turning a handle. 
  • More Features You'll Love

    • Gorgeous Touch Display
    • Three Personalized Presets
    • Easy Access To Burrs For Cleaning
    • Doserless Design
    • ETL Approved
    • Stepless Adjustment Via Quick Set Gear
    • 1480 RPM Burr Rotation Speed
    • 30 Day Free Returns & Exchanges


    What's In The Box

    • Ceado E37S Grinder
    • 11.28 oz. Bean Hopper
    • Portafilter Holder
    • Power Cord
    • Instruction Manual (hard copy)

    How It Compares

    Here's how the E37J compares:

    • Ceado E5P ($660) - 64mm burr set, 1380 RPM motor, doserless, no electronic dosing, 21oz. bean hopper
    • Ceado E37J (from $999) - 64mm burr set, 1380 RPM motor, doserless, electronic dosing, 21oz bean hopper
    • Baratza Forte AP ($899) - 53mm ceramic burr set, 1950 RPM motor, doserless, electronic dosing, 10 oz. bean hopper


    Technical Specifications

    Made In Italy
    Manufacturer Ceado
    Height 17.6 inches
    Width 8.34 inches
    Depth 9.85 inches
    Weight 26.5 pounds
    Bean Hopper
    Capacity 11.28 oz.
    Material Plastic
    Stopper? Yes
    Burr Set
    Size 83mm
    Design Flat Steel
    RPM of Burrs 1480 RPM
    Material Aluminum
    Color Options Black
    Watts 500 W
    Voltage 110 V
    Design Stepless
    Portafilter Holder? Yes
    Programmable? Yes - single, double shot, extra shot by time
    Manual Grinding Yes
    Length 1 year
    Coverage Parts, labor

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