Mazzer Mini Electronic Grinder - Type A - Open Box - Silver


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Open Box FAQ

What is an open box machine?

Open box machines are brand new, unused machines. They've simply been taken out of their boxes for various reasons (photos, buyer's remorse, etc). Because of this, we cannot, in good faith, charge full price. 

Have they been returned?

Yes and no. Some have been used for marketing reasons but in most cases, they're machines that have been returned for whatever reason before use. It's important to note we do not list them as open box machines if they have been used. Cliff & Pebble thoroughly inspects each machine before slapping the "open box" label on them.

Have they been repaired/refurbished? 

No. Open box machines are brand new, unused machines that have simply been taken out of their box or returned before use. 

What about the warranty? 

All open box machines come with the full, original warranty.

Are all the original accessories included? 

Yes. All accessories are included. It's basically like buying a brand new machine - just at a discount!  

Can I request an open box machine? 

Of course! However, please understand we do not know when they'll be available. When they are available, they'll go quickly!



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