Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine

Quick Mill

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What's In The Box

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    • 1x - Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine
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    • 1x - Double Shot Portafilter
    • 1x - Single Basket
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    • 1x - Measuring Scoop/Tamper
    • 1x - Brew Head Brush

Main Features

Dual Boiler 

Dual boilers allow for better temperature and steam control while also allowing the user to brew shots and steam milk simultaneously. Each boiler is responsible for one aspect - either brewing or steaming. Dual boilers increase the consistency in extraction wonderful tasting espresso shots with the added benefit of fine tuning. Increase the boiler temperature and steam pressure with ease on the Vetrano 2B Evo. 

Rotary Pump

Rotary pumps keep the noise level down while also allowing the machine to be plumbed directly to your water source.

PID Temperature Control

PID allows the user to change the boiler temperature with the touch of a button. Without, you'd have to manually adjust the boiler using tools. Boiler temperature is essential to creating quality tasting espresso. Too hot or cold and your espresso with taste sour or bitter. PID allows you to adjust boiler temperature with ease and precision.

Shot Timer

Shot timers measure brew time from start to finish. An ideal extraction will take about 25 seconds. Shot timers will help you perfect your barista skills and pull shots like a pro.

Plumbable & Switchable

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo can be plumbed directly to your water source. Save time filling and refilling your water tank and attach the machine to your water source (plumbing line included). In addition, you can switch between plumbed and the interior water tank should you choose.

Other Features

  •  Lever Action
  • E61 Heater Commercial Brew Head
  • Stainless Steel Construction - #304 
  • Built-In Shot Timer
  • No Burn Steam Wands
  • Insulated Double Boilers 
  • 15 amp or 20 amp Models Available
  • Hot Water Valve
  • Ergonomic Portafilters
  • Cup Warmer
  • Hinged Water Tank Cover
  • Dual Pressure Gauges
  • 3" Cup Clearance

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