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Rocket Espresso

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*Open Box Model* Never used, simply taken out of it's box. 
Warranty - 2 years

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Dual Boiler

The R58 features dual heavy duty, insulated copper boilers. Brew and steam simultaneously with increased efficiency and zero loss of pressure with an R58. Insulation ensures the noise level will be kept to a minimum.

Twice the boilers = twice the consistency


Connect your R58 directly up to your water line with the included hardware. Easily switch back and forth between direct plumbed and reservoir with the flick of a switch. Spend more time mastering the craft of espresso by reducing your time spent constantly re-filling your water reservoir.

Dual PID Temperature Control

Manually control the temperature of your boilers with the convenient touch of a button. Customize your shots of espresso to your exact temperature specifications on the Rocket R58. 

Commercial Parts & Capabilities 

Rocket is known for placing parts typically found in their commercial models in domestic machines. The R58 is no exception. Consisting of an E61 heated group head, a commercial rotary pump and heavy duty portafilters, the R58 is a commercial machine built for your kitchen. 

Commercial Rotary Pump

Quieter than ever, the rotary pump on this machine allows the user to adjust pump pressure. If you've ever watched YouTube videos of a manual espresso machine, you've noticed how noisy they can be. Unfortunately, this is just a reality of most home espresso machines. However, the R58 is quiet thanks to a commercial-quality rotary pump.

Dual Pre-Infusion

This system is essential to bringing out the full flavors and aromas of your beans. The R58 will properly and evenly douse your coffee grounds to ensure an even extraction every time.

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What customers love about the R58

  • Consistency - Customers have found their shots and steam pressure to be incredibly consistent on an R58. Due to the fact that this beauty is a dual boiler, each insulated copper boiler is dedicated to one function - either steaming or brewing. From an engineering standpoint, you can't beat it. 
  • Steam Pressure - The R58 offers exceptional steam pressure. Looking for some latte art? The R58 will help you get that velvety-smooth milk texture you'll be needing. 
  • Rotary Pump - With a commercial-grade rotary pump, the R58 is quiet, powerful and consistent with the added benefit of being able to plumb you machine to your water source. No more having to fill that water reservoir! The rotary pumps on a Rocket also have an external bypass valve making it easier than ever to manually adjust pressure - all you need is a wrench!

things to consider

  • External PID - PID on the R58 is external and needs to be connected. Some find this to be a nuisance/unnecessary. If you need a rotary pump, want a Rocket and don't want PID to be external, take a look at the Type Rs - you won't, however, get dual boilers on these!
  • Cheaper Alternatives - There are cheaper alternatives to the R58 if you're looking for a dual boiler. The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B, for example. 

What's In The Box

    • 1x - 1 Year Extended Warranty (2 Years Total, $99 value)
    • 1x - 30 Day No Hassle Return Policy
    • 1x – Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine
    • 1x – Instruction Manual
    • 1x – Rocket Espresso Tamper
    • 1x – Single Portafilter with single basket
    • 1x – Double Portafilter with double basket
    • 1x – Steam tip replacement
    • 1x – Measuring Scoop
    • 1x – Brew Head Brush
    • 1x – Blind Filter Basket (For cleaning)
    • 1x – Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Our Promise

Free shipping and free returns, always

We have a 30-day, no hassle, no cost return policy on all our products. Should something go wrong or you decide you don't want your machine, contact us immediately and we'll email you a pre-paid shipping label to return it. Exclusively at Cliff & Pebble.


Product Details

Made In Italy
Model R58 Dual Boiler
Width 12.25 inches
Depth 17.50 inches
Height 16.25 inches
Weight 64 pounds
PID Technology Yes - Dual
Dual Boiler Yes
Boiler Material  Copper
Steam Boiler Capacity 1.7 liters
Brew Boiler Capacity .58 liters
Casing Material Stainless Steel
Reservoir Capacity 2.5 liters
Plumbable Yes
Cup Warmer Yes
Portafilters Included Two (single,double shot)
Warm Up Time 20 minutes
Pre-Infusion Yes
Auto Shut Off No
Warranty 2 years


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    Handmade just outside of Milan, Rocket Espresso is highly regarded as the premier prosumer espresso machine manufacturer. Cliff & Pebble is proud to call ourselves one of the only preferred Rocket Espresso USA dealers in the States. Putting a Rocket in your kitchen means one thing - you're ready to get serious about your morning coffee.  



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