Mazzer Mini E Type A vs. Rocket Espresso Fausto - Full Comparison & Review

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We often get asked to compare the Mazzer Mini E and Rocket Fausto. So, we thought we'd just put in in a blog post to make things easy! First things first, you can't go wrong with either of these grinders. Featuring electronic dosing and stepless adjustment, each grinder can be incredibly fine tuned and programed to give you your perfect grind every time. 

To start, let's go over the features of each grinder: 

Mazzer Mini E Type A

Colors - Three available - Black, Silver, Polished

Electronic Dosing - Two available programmable settings based on grind time - single and double shots. Manually button also present. 

Die Cast Aluminum Body - Top quality. If taken care of properly, there's no reason this grinder won't last you 15+ years. 

Compact Design - There's a reason "mini" is in the title but don't let it fool you - the Mazzer Mini E is a home grinding powerhouse. With dimensions favorable to any kitchen countertop, this grinder will fit anywhere. 

250 watt, 1600 RPM motor - It may be mini in size but the Mini E is a commercial grinder shrunken down in size.

Stepless Adjustment - Fine tune your grind with the turn of a dial. Compared to the Rocket Fausto, the dial on the Mazzer has been known to be a pain to turn. Hopefully Mazzer fixes this in their next upgrade cycle. 

Rocket Espresso Fausto

Colors - Two available - Black, Chrome

Stepless Adjustment - Just like the Mini E, the Fausto will allow you to fine tune your grind with the easy turn of a dial. Unlike the Mini E, however, the Fausto's dial is MUCH easier to turn. 

65mm burr set - Typically found in commercial grinders, these burrs are a beast. Unlike most grinders, Mini E included, the bottom burrs control the grinding. This makes the fausto incredibly easy to clean. 

Large Bean Hopper - Can hold up to a pound of beans.

Side-by-side Comparison

Specification Mazzer Mini Electronic Rocket Espresso Fausto
Color Options Black, Silver, Polished Black, Stainless Steel
Made In  Italy Italy
Burr Type Flat Flat
Burr Size 64mm 65mm
Electronic Dosing Yes Yes
Digital Display  Yes Yes
Hopper Capacity 1.3 pounds 1.4 pounds
Casing Material Die Cast Aluminum Die Cast Aluminum
Programmable  Yes Yes
Wattage 250W 245W
Size 7"w x 13.5" d x 18.5" h 6.5" w x 11" d x 17.5" h
Weight 22.5 pounds 20 pounds



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