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Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The Lelit Bianca V3 is a high-end, dual-boiler espresso machine designed for coffee aficionados who seek precise control over every aspect of the brewing process. Featuring a unique manual paddle system, this machine allows users to manipulate pressure in real-time, offering unparalleled customization of extraction. With its elegant wooden accents and advanced features like PID temperature control, pre-infusion, and a rotary pump, the Lelit Bianca V3 combines aesthetics with professional-grade functionality. 

Video Overview

We gave YouTuber, Xris, a Lelit Bianca V3 to try out and compare to its predecessor, the Lelit Bianca V2. Watch as he goes through all the features and compares them. 

Main Features of the V3

Dual, Stainless Steel Boilers

Dual insulated stainless steel boilers allow you to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously.

PID Temperature Control

Ensures precision temperature stability for both boilers.

Flow Control Included

Manually adjust the flow rate of water on-the-fly to fine-tune your extraction and acheive different flavor profiles.

Movable Water Reservoir

Place your reservoir either in the back, or either side of the machine to save much-needed space.

Rotary Pump Equipped

Quiet, efficient pump that delivers consistent pressure for optimal extraction.

E61 Group Head

Features an E61 commercial-grade group head made of chrome-plated brass that maintains temperature stability.

    Why we love it:

    The Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is the only machine on the market that comes with flow profiling standard. Now with its improved PID, ability to program preinfusion and flow rates, the V3 has become one of the most user-friendly prosumer machines on the market today. Even the least-experienced users will love this machine. 

    Is it for me?

    The Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is not for everyone and can certainly be considered overkill if you're only making 1-2 drinks a day. If you're looking for all the features at the best value, then look no further. 

      Opinion of our experts:

      The Lelit Bianca V3 espresso machine is a high-end coffee machine designed for both home and commercial use. It features two boilers, a PID temperature controller, an E61 group head, and a professional steam wand. The dual boilers provide better temperature control, while the PID temperature controller allows for precision brewing temperature adjustments. The E61 group head is a commercial-grade design that is known for its heat stability and improved brewing performance. The professional steam wand provides more power and control for frothing milk. The Lelit Bianca V3 also has a more compact and modern design compared to previous models. With its advanced features and improved performance, the Lelit Bianca V3 is a top choice for coffee aficionados and baristas.

      Perhaps our favorite feature is the moveable water tank. Customers usually place the machine under kitchen cabinets; if not connected to water lines, the reservoir must be filled manually. The water reservoir can be fitted to sit on either side of the machine to avoid this problem and is an awesome feature. 

      It's commercial-grade rotary pump is quiet, consistent, and will make plumbing your machine in easy (optional). Combine all that with PID, stainless steel boilers, and a shot timer, the Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine truly has everything you need - and more!


      Duration - 1 year

      Coverage - Lelit espresso machines are covered by a one year manufacturers warranty against defects in material & workmanship.

      What's Included

      • Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler
      • Double spouted walnut portafilter
      • Bottomless walnut portafilter
      • Lelit 58mm stainless steel tamper
      • Lelit in-tank water softner
      • Single basket
      • Double basket
      • Triple basket
      • Backflush blank basket
      • 2-hole steam tip
      • 4-hole steam tip
      • Microfiber cleaning cloth
      • Braided plumb-in line
      • Drip tray drain attachment
      • Group head brush
      • 1 year total warranty

      Product Specifications

      Specification Description
      Dimensions 290 mm (W) x 410 mm (D) x 420 mm (H)
      Weight 23 kg
      Boiler Capacity 1.5 L
      Boiler Material Stainless Steel
      Group Head E61 Commercial Group
      Water Tank Capacity 2.5 L
      Pump Pressure 15 bar
      Power 1400 W
      Voltage 110-120 V / 220-240 V
      Body Material Stainless Steel
      Finish Polished Stainless Steel
      Steam Wand Professional Grade
      Hot Water Spout Yes
      Pre-Infusion Yes
      Cup Warmer Yes
      Warranty 1 Year

      Lelit Authorized

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      1. Improved steam wand: The V3 features an updated steam wand with a more ergonomic design and better insulation, making it easier to use and reducing the risk of burns.
      2. Updated PID control: The V3 uses an updated PID control system for improved temperature stability and accuracy.
      3. Programmable low flow times: (From Lelit) We would like to underline the most significant improvement of the machine: the LOW FLOW. In Bianca V3 we automatised the paddle movements which has two main advantages for LELIT users: The machine can be easily operated also by less expert users, as they do not have to pay particular attention to the coffee brewing. For the more expert users, this upgrade means that the pressure and flow profile can be precisely repeated multiple times. This does not mean that the paddle becomes useless, but it can be used in addition to the setting of Low flow.
      4. Four new power modes: The V3 now has four power modes - Always on, sleep mode, standyby, and ecomode.
      5. Dual pressure gauges: The V3 has two pressure gauges that show the pressure in both the coffee and steam boilers.
      6. Updated group head design: The V3 has an updated group head design with a new shower screen and gasket, which helps to distribute water more evenly and improve extraction.
      7. Improved build quality: The V3 has a more robust build quality with high-quality materials and improved insulation, which helps to reduce heat loss and improve overall performance.

      Yes, programmable.

      What is pre-infusion?

      Pre-infusion is a technique used in espresso extraction that involves wetting the coffee grounds with a small amount of water before applying full pressure to extract the espresso shot. During pre-infusion, the water is slowly and gently introduced to the coffee grounds, allowing them to absorb the water and expand before pressure is applied to extract the shot.

      Pre-infusion can help to improve the consistency and quality of espresso shots by promoting even extraction and reducing the risk of channeling (where water finds a path of least resistance through the coffee puck). By allowing the coffee to bloom and absorb water more evenly, pre-infusion can help to create a more uniform coffee bed, resulting in a more balanced and flavorful espresso shot.

      Many espresso machines, including the Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine, offer pre-infusion as a programmable feature. With pre-infusion, you can experiment with different pre-infusion times and pressures to customize your espresso shots and achieve your desired flavor profile.

      Yes. The PID doubles as a shot timer to help you time your shots to perfection.

      • 1x double spouted portafilter
      • 1x bottomless portafilter


      The V3 can be plumbed to your water line OR used via the external reservoir.

      If plumbing in, we highly recommend purchasing a water filtration system to keep your boilers safe and clean.

      20-25 minutes is recommended for full efficiency.

      Reservoir: 2.5 liters

      Steam Boiler: 1.5 liters

      Brew Boiler: 0.8 liters

      Stainless steel.

      The Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with intuitive controls and a clear display.

      To make espresso, you simply grind your coffee beans, tamp them into the portafilter, and insert the portafilter into the group head. The machine's PID controller allows you to easily adjust the temperature and pressure for optimal extraction, and the flow profiling feature lets you customize the flow rate during extraction for even more control over your shots.

      As for cleaning, the machine features a removable drip tray and water reservoir for easy cleaning and maintenance. The steam wand is designed to be easy to clean, with a no-burn steam arm and a removable tip for easy cleaning.

      While issues on a Lelit espresso machine are incredibly rare, it is good to understand how warranty repairs work.

      If something goes wrong with your Lelit Bianca V3 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine, the first step is to refer to the manufacturer's user manual and troubleshooting guide to see if you can identify and resolve the issue yourself.

      If you are unable to resolve the issue, and the machine is still within the warranty period, you can contact us to initiate a warranty claim. In this case, we will cover the shipping costs for the machine to be sent back for repairs if within 90 days of purchase.

      If the machine is outside the warranty period or if the issue is not covered under the warranty, you may need to pay for any repair costs yourself. In this case, please contact us for guidance on finding a local repair outfit or authorized service center that can service the machine.

      It's important to note that regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent issues with your espresso machine, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule and cleaning procedures to keep your machine running smoothly.

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      M-F 9am to 5pm central

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