LUCCA A53 Mini V2 Espresso Machine


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LUCCA A53 Mini V2 Espresso Machine

Introducing the LUCCA A53 Mini v2 Espresso Machine. Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Vivaldi II. This tank-only, dual boiler marvel boasts of volumetric shot dosing and pre-infusion capabilities, ensuring each espresso pull is nothing short of perfection. For enthusiasts desiring added precision, there's an optional add-on shot timer available. And the modern touch? Its Bluetooth connectivity seamlessly syncs with the S1 Timer App on the Apple App Store, granting users the convenience of programming automatic machine heat-up and cool-down schedules. With the LUCCA A53 Mini v2, every coffee experience becomes a symphony of tradition and innovation.

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Main Features of the A53 Mini V2

Dual Brass Boilers

Each boiler works independently allowing you to brew & steam simultaneously while ensuring ideal temperature stability.

Vibratory Pump

A vibratory pump in an espresso machine provides efficient water pressure in a compact form, making it ideal for home setups and space-constrained environments.

Saturated Group Head

Provides stable temperature control, resulting in consistent shot quality and enhanced flavor profiles.

Programmable Pre-Infusion

The A53 will gently saturate your coffee grounds before full extraction, ensuring a more uniform brew to highlight your bean's subtle flavors and nuances.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Sync your A53 to the app to put your espresso machine on a schedule.

Volumetric Shot Dosing

Volumetic dosing allows for precise and consistent water volumes for each extraction, ensuring repeatability and perfect shots every time.

    Why we love it:

    We are genuinely enamored with the LUCCA A53 Mini v2 and its harmonious blend of technical prowess and aesthetic charm. Its dual boiler system, backed by a robust vibratory pump, ensures an impeccable espresso experience every time. The added luxury of Bluetooth connectivity is a rare find in today's machines, marrying tradition with modern convenience. And those three exquisite wood side panel options? They elevate the machine from a mere appliance to a statement piece, adding warmth and sophistication to any coffee corner. It's truly a blend of art and engineering we adore.

    Is it for me?

    Are you someone who gravitates towards a seamless blend of traditional excellence and contemporary features in your coffee equipment? The LUCCA A53 Mini v2 might just resonate with you. This machine is perfect for those who not only seek the consistent brilliance of a dual boiler system with a vibratory pump but also the modern convenience of Bluetooth integration. If you have an appreciation for artisanal touches, the three elegant wood side panels let you customize its appearance to your taste. Ideal for those who refuse to compromise between style and functionality, the LUCCA A53 Mini v2 beckons to be the centerpiece of your coffee ritual.


    Duration - 3 years

    Coverage - LUCCA products are covered by a 3 year extended warranty against defects in material, parts, and workmanship. 

    What's included:

    • LUCCA A53 Mini V2 Espresso Machine
    • Wood side panel machines come with a wooden bottomless portafilter
    • LUCCA stainless steel tamper
    • Double spouted portafilter
    • Bottomless portafilter
    • OEM double basket (18g)
    • OEM triple basket (20g)
    • Blind basket for cleaning
    • 15 amp converter cord
    • Cleaning brush

    Product Specifications

    Made In Italy
    Manufacturer La Spaziale
    Height 15.25 inches
    Width 16.50 inches
    Depth 16.50 inches
    Weight 62 pounds
    Material Stainless Steel or optional wood panels
    Drip Tray Matte black plastic
    Drip Tray Cover Stainless Steel
    Drainable? Yes
    Water Reservoir
    Reservoir or Plumbed? Reservoir. front loading
    Capacity 2.4 liters
    Material BPA Plastic Free
    Removable Yes
    Low Water Indicator Yes
    Steam Wand
    Material Stainless Steel
    No Burn No
    Wand Movement Full Rotation
    Steam Hole Tip Holes 4
    PID Yes
    Pressure Adjustment Yes, both steam and brew
    Pre Infusion Yes
    Flow Profiling No
    Volumetric Dosing Yes
    Pressure Gauges Steam Pressure and pump pressure
    Cup Warming Tray
    Material Stainless Steel
    Location Top Panel
    Portafilters & Tampers
    Portafilters Included Single and Double
    Tampers Included Yes, 53mm
    Group Head
    Type Saturated, electronic solenoid activated
    Material Nickel plated brass
    Capacity 0.45 liters (Brew), 1.2 liters (Steam)
    Type Dual boiler
    Automatic Fill Yes
    Insulated  No
    Warm-Up Time 15 minutes
    Type Vibratory
    Recommended Pressure 9 bars
    Adjustable Pressure Yes
    Length 3 years
    Coverage Parts, labor

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