LUCCA M58: A Barista's Dream Machine?

lucca m58 espresso machine


In the world of espresso machines, the LUCCA M58 emerges as a remarkable contender, bridging the gap between professional-grade performance and the accessibility of home brewing. Crafted with the discerning coffee enthusiast in mind, this machine not only embodies the precision and durability expected by professionals but also brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen or coffee bar.

What sets the LUCCA M58 apart in a crowded market is its commitment to quality and innovation. With its dual boiler system, the M58 offers unparalleled temperature stability, a crucial component for extracting the perfect espresso shot. This feature ensures that each cup of coffee is not only consistent but brewed to the exacting standards that aficionados and professional baristas demand.


lucca m58 espresso machine

Additionally, the M58 boasts a PID temperature controller, allowing users to fine-tune the brewing temperature with precision. This level of control is a dream for espresso lovers who understand that even slight variations in temperature can significantly affect the flavor profile of their coffee.

The machine's design is another standout aspect, blending functionality with aesthetics. Its sturdy construction speaks to a no-compromise approach to materials and build quality, ensuring longevity and reliability. Yet, its sleek lines and classic styling ensure that the M58 is not just a powerhouse of performance but also a centerpiece of kitchen design.

In comparison to other espresso machines on the market, the LUCCA M58 distinguishes itself by offering a balance of professional-grade features, user-friendly interface, and aesthetic appeal. Whether it's the dual boilers, the PID controller, or the meticulous attention to detail in its design, the M58 is designed not just to meet but exceed the expectations of the most demanding coffee enthusiasts.

Unboxing The LUCCA M58

Unboxing the LUCCA M58 is an experience that feels akin to revealing a piece of refined craftsmanship. As the packaging gives way, the first thing that strikes you is the machine's robust and elegant presence. The care taken in packaging is evident, with each component securely nestled to prevent any damage during transit, reflecting the manufacturer's commitment to ensuring the product arrives in pristine condition.

Upon lifting the M58 out of its box, the machine's weight and build quality become immediately apparent. It's a solid piece of equipment, constructed from premium materials that promise durability and longevity. The stainless steel exterior shines under the light, its polished finish catching the eye and hinting at the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into its design.

lucca m58 frontal view

The initial setup of the LUCCA M58 is surprisingly straightforward, especially considering its professional-grade features. The manual provides clear, step-by-step instructions, making it easy for even a novice espresso machine user to get started. From filling the water reservoir to turning the machine on for the first time, the process feels intuitive, allowing new owners to quickly move on to what the M58 was made for—making exceptional espresso.

Aesthetically, the M58 is a masterpiece of industrial design. Its classic lines and professional look not only make it a functional piece of coffee brewing technology but also a statement piece in any setting. The layout of the controls is both practical and pleasing to the eye, with gauges and buttons positioned for ease of use without cluttering the machine's face.

The attention to aesthetic detail extends beyond the machine itself. Every knob and lever feels substantial and smooth to operate, blending form and function in a way that enhances the user experience. The M58's visual and tactile qualities communicate a sense of reliability and precision, promising not just a superior brewing experience but also the joy of interacting with a machine designed with the user's satisfaction in mind.

Key Features of the M58

The LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine is a marvel of modern coffee technology, packed with features that cater to the discerning espresso aficionado. As we delve deeper into what makes the M58 a standout choice for coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas alike, we'll explore the following key features in detail:

1. Dual Boiler System:

The heart of the M58's unparalleled performance lies in its dual boiler system, allowing for precise temperature control and stability. This system enables simultaneous espresso extraction and milk steaming, ensuring peak efficiency and consistency.

2. PID Temperature Control:

Precision is paramount in espresso extraction, and the M58's PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) temperature control allows users to fine-tune the brewing temperature to the exact degree. This feature is crucial for extracting the full flavor profile of the coffee.

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3. E61 Group Head:

Renowned for its thermal stability, the E61 group head is a classic feature that the M58 incorporates, ensuring optimal espresso extraction by maintaining consistent temperature throughout the brewing process.


4. Flow Control (Optional):

The ability to adjust pressure during extraction is a feature that sets the M58 apart. Flow control allows for a tailored extraction, enabling the barista to bring out the unique characteristics of each coffee bean.

5. Rotary Pump:

The M58 is equipped with a commercial-grade rotary pump, which not only provides quieter operation compared to vibratory pumps but also offers increased reliability and a smoother flow rate during extraction.

6. Plumbable and Water Reservoir Options:

Flexibility in water supply is a convenience that cannot be understated. The M58 can be directly plumbed to a water line or used with its onboard water reservoir, catering to different user preferences and setups.

7. Build Quality and Materials:

Beyond its technical capabilities, the M58 impresses with its superior build quality. Constructed with premium materials, the machine is designed for durability, longevity, and a timeless aesthetic appeal.

8. User Interface and Ergonomics:

The design of the M58 prioritizes ease of use without compromising on performance. Its intuitive interface and ergonomically placed controls ensure a pleasant and efficient user experience.


lucca m58 interior

Performance and Usability

The LUCCA M58 can be broken down into 3 categories when discussing performance:

  1. Heating and Temperature Stability
  2. Flow Control and Extraction Quality
  3. Steaming Functionality

Heating and Temperature Stability

The LUCCA M58 distinguishes itself in the realm of espresso machines with its advanced heating system and temperature stability, primarily through its dual boiler system and PID temperature control. These features are not just technical enhancements; they are at the core of what makes the M58 capable of producing consistently exceptional espresso.

Dual Boiler System

At the heart of the M58's ability to deliver superior espresso shots and perfectly steamed milk simultaneously lies its dual boiler system. This system comprises two separate boilers, one dedicated to brewing espresso and the other to producing steam for milk frothing. The advantage of this setup is twofold:

  • Consistent Espresso Temperature: The dedicated brewing boiler ensures that water is heated to the ideal temperature for espresso extraction. This precision prevents the common problem of temperature fluctuations that can significantly impact the taste and quality of the espresso shot.
  • Efficient Steam Production: With a separate steam boiler, the M58 guarantees that there's always ample steam available for frothing milk, even during back-to-back brewing sessions. This boiler operates at a higher temperature, ensuring that steam is powerful and consistent, which is essential for creating microfoam milk textures.

PID Temperature Control

PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) temperature control is a sophisticated system used in the M58 to regulate the temperature of the water in the espresso boiler. This system constantly monitors the temperature and makes real-time adjustments to maintain the set temperature within a very narrow margin of error. The benefits of PID temperature control include:

  • Precision: The PID controller allows users to set the brewing temperature to the precise degree, catering to the specific requirements of different coffee beans or roasting profiles. This precision ensures that the extraction can be optimized for the best possible flavor.
  • Stability: Temperature stability is crucial during the extraction process. The PID system minimizes any fluctuations, ensuring that the entire shot is extracted at the desired temperature, leading to a more balanced and consistent espresso.
lucca m58 extraction

Pros and Cons of the LUCCA M58

The LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine, while highly regarded by professionals for its performance and features, like any product, comes with its set of advantages and limitations. Here’s a balanced view based on feedback from professional baristas and coffee experts.


  • Exceptional Temperature Stability: The dual boiler system, complemented by PID temperature control, ensures precise and stable brewing temperatures. This is crucial for extracting the best flavor from coffee beans and allows for consistent quality across multiple shots.
  • Superior Steam Power: The dedicated steam boiler provides ample steam with consistent pressure, making it easier to achieve silky microfoam and hot water on demand. This feature is particularly appreciated in busy settings where speed and quality cannot be compromised.
  • Build Quality and Durability: Crafted with premium materials, the M58 is praised for its durability and robust construction. It’s designed to withstand heavy use, making it a long-term investment for enthusiasts and professional settings alike.
  • Ease of Use and Flexibility: Despite its advanced features, the M58 is user-friendly. It offers flexibility in water supply options (direct plumb-in or reservoir), making it adaptable to various environments. Additionally, its ergonomic design simplifies the brewing and cleaning processes.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond functionality, the M58’s classic design and polished finish make it a statement piece in any kitchen or café. It combines style with performance, enhancing the overall experience of brewing and enjoying coffee.


  • Price Point: One of the most noted limitations is the M58's premium price tag. While it offers exceptional quality and features, the investment may be significant for some home users or small coffee shops operating on tight budgets.
  • Learning Curve: While user-friendly, the M58's advanced features and capabilities might present a steep learning curve for beginners or those not familiar with professional-grade espresso machines. Proper training or experience may be required to fully exploit its potential.
  • Size and Weight: The robust build and dual boiler system make the M58 quite heavy and sizable. This might pose a challenge for users with limited counter space or those who prefer a more compact coffee station.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Regular maintenance and cleaning are vital for keeping the M58 in top condition, especially in hard water areas. Some users may find the maintenance requirements more demanding compared to simpler models.
lucca m58 pressure gauge

How the LUCCA M58 Compares

When comparing the LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine's cost against its features and performance, it's important to place it within the context of other high-end home and small commercial espresso machines. The M58 is positioned as a premium machine, and its price reflects this, being on the higher end of the spectrum. Here's how it stands relative to competitors in the same category:

Price to Performance Ratio

The M58 is priced as a premium product, justified by its advanced features like the dual boiler system, PID temperature control, rotary pump, and the ability to pressure profile. Its build quality, with a focus on durability and reliability, adds to its value proposition. This machine appeals to serious espresso aficionados and small commercial establishments that prioritize quality and consistency in their espresso shots.

Competitors: In the same category, machines like the Rocket R58, La Marzocco Linea Mini, and the Profitec Pro 700 are often compared to the M58. These machines also offer features like dual boilers, PID temperature control, and high-quality build, but each has its unique selling points and price points.

  1. Rocket R58: Similar in features like the dual boiler and PID, the R58 is often slightly less expensive than the M58. However, some users might prefer the M58's aesthetics or its specific implementation of pressure profiling.
  2. La Marzocco Linea Mini: As a machine that carries the prestige of the La Marzocco brand, the Linea Mini is typically more expensive than the M58. It offers a similar level of performance and build quality, with some preferring its commercial heritage and brand reputation.
  3. Profitec Pro 700: Another competitor in the dual boiler segment, the Pro 700 is often praised for its temperature stability and build quality, similar to the M58 but generally at a lower price point. The choice between the two may come down to brand preference, specific features, or aesthetic considerations.
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