Understanding Your Product Warranty

Your peace of mind is our priority. Here, we provide a clear and concise overview of our warranty terms and conditions, ensuring you understand the full extent of coverage and protection for your valued purchase.

How can I begin a warranty claim?

File a Warranty Claim >

How long is my warranty?

Unless noted otherwise on your order receipt, all our products come complete with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Most espresso machines, however, come with a two year warranty. Check your order receipt for the extended warranty if applicable.

Open box/refurbished items come with a one year warranty unless noted otherwise.

**Rocket Espresso 3 Year Warranty - If your order was placed on or after August 14, 2019, you have a 3 year warranty on your Rocket Espresso machine. Orders placed before come with a 2 year warranty. Excludes open box/sale items. 

Who pays shipping? 

Should a machine/grinder need to come in for warranty work, Cliff & Pebble is responsible for shipping both ways for the first 90 days. After that, shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. Shipping your machine outside the continental USA will VOID your warranty. Cliff & Pebble will not be responsible for shipping, repairs or anything involved with a machine located outside the continental USA.

If your product is no longer under warranty, we're happy to help however all the costs are your responsibility (shipping, labor, parts, etc).

Packing Your Machine

Failing to pack your machine with sufficient protective material and in original boxes can result in severe damage to your product. Do not skimp on packing material. Should your machine arrive to us damaged, we will have to file a damage claim with the shipping carrier. This process can take over 30 days to complete. During this time, you will be without your machine/grinder.

Please contact us if you need assistance packing your machine or have any questions whatsoever.

Local Repairs

If you are aware of a local repair shop, you can take it to them however please check with us first to ensure they are authorized and qualified to perform the necessary repairs. Doing this without informing us with VOID your warranty. 

**Please note that if your machine is under warranty and you opt to take in to a local repair shop, you will be required to pay any and all labor charges. Cliff & Pebble only pays labor when repair work is performed by us or one of our distributors. Parts will always be on us during the warranty period.

How long will a warranty claim take?

We try to get machines fixed as quickly as possible. Our service partners are the best at what they do and will ensure your machine/grinder is working perfectly before shipping it back to you. 

Once we're in receipt of your machine, please allow 5 to 7 business days at a minimum for your machine to be repaired. More serious issues may take longer.

I didn't buy my machine from you. Will you still fix it?

Unfortunately, we do not provide repair services for products we did not sell. Please contact the dealer you purchased from.

I bought my machine overseas. Will you fix it for me?

No. You will unfortunately need to work this out with the dealer from whom you purchased from. 


Baratza prefers to handle all warranty claims directly. Please contact us first to coordinate an issue with any Baratza grinder purchased from Cliff & Pebble.