Warranty Information

How can I begin a warranty claim?

Contact us informing us, with as much detail as possible, with what is going on with your gear. We'll first troubleshoot via the phone or email depending on the issue. If the machine needs to be sent in for repair work, we'll go down that route.

How long is my warranty?

Unless noted otherwise on your order receipt, all our products come complete with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Most espresso machines, however, come with a two year warranty. Check your order receipt for the extended warranty if applicable.

Who pays shipping? 

Cliff & Pebble is responsible for shipping a product under warranty for the first year. After that, shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. 

If your product is no longer under warranty, we're happy to help however all the costs are your responsibility (shipping, labor, parts, etc).


Baratza prefers to handle all warranty claims directly. Please contact us first to coordinate an issue with any Baratza grinder purchased from Cliff & Pebble. 

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