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Is The Mazzer Super Jolly Doserless Right for You?

mazzer super jolly doserless

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Choosing the right commercial grinder that's right for you and your café can be tough. There's so many options out there nowadays that setting one apart is an exhausting task. You'll no doubt come across the Mazzer Super Jolly Doserless electronic dosing grinder in your search. Is it right for you? We discuss.

Mazzer Super Jolly Doserless

Is it right for you?

First things first, the Super Jolly is a commercial espresso grinder.

Just wanted to get that out of the way from the beginning. Believe it or not, we get a ton of calls from household buyers asking if this grinder is too much grinder for their home and the answer is an emphatic - YES. It's tall, powerful and most likely won't fit beneath your cabinets so unless you're opening a café in your kitchen or have a family of 50 you probably won't find it's massive bean hopper useful!

Mazzer is without a doubt the most popular brand of grinder you see cafés using. There's a reason for this - the quality is second to none. Made just outside Venice, Italy, Mazzer has been manufacturing espresso grinders, both commercial and domestic, for quite some time and haven't let up in the quality department. 

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Main Features of the Super Jolly 

Low to Medium Workload

The Super Jolly can be classified as Mazzer's entry-level commercial grinder capable of handling a medium-sized workload on a daily basis. If your café's line is 20 people deep all day, this won't be the grinder for you. Basically, the Super Jolly Doserless is for cafés where the volume is too much for the Mazzer Mini but not high enough for the Mazzer Major Electronic

MASSIVE Bean Hopper Capacity

Capable of holding up to 2.7 pounds of coffee beans, the hopper on this thing is impressive. Again, way too big for your kitchen but perfect for a café or other commercial setting. 

This model can hold the short hopper for the Mazzer Mini. This will lower the height of the grinder to 19". 

Doserless Setting

The Super Jolly Doserless is just that - doserless. With electronic dosing, this guy will grind beans directly into your portafilters instead of an attached doser. In our opinion this is not only more convenient but will save you precious time increasing the amount of drinks your baristas can make per hour. Grinders with attached dosers are a pain and create a mess. This is the very reason grinder manufacturers, including Mazzer, are moving away from doser grinders. 

Electronic Dosing

Programmable for timed dosage (single and double shots) with a manual dosing button, the Super Jolly makes grinding a breeze. It's no wonder this grinder is one of the most popular around. Double and single shot buttons can be programmed by time on the digital read out screen attached to the doser.

mazzer super jolly doserless

Electronic Dosing on the Super Jolly Doserless

Let's Talk Burrs

64mm Flat Stainless Steel Burrs

Easily adjustable flat steel burrs make this grinder incredibly versatile. Ideal for espresso, drip coffee and french press, the Super Jolly contains a rotating wheel (stepless adjustment) to easily adjust your grind.

1400 (50 HZ) Burr Speed

Fast enough to grind your beans to perfection without transferring too much heat. This ensures your beans will maintain their flavor profiles during the grinding process and more importantly, during the extraction process.

Easy Cleaning

The burrs on the Super Jolly Doserless are easily removed for routine maintenance and cleaning.

mazzer super jolly doserless


mazzer super jolly doserless dimensions