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Why You Should Consider The Fiorenzato F4 Nano Grinder

Why You Should Consider The Fiorenzato F4 Nano Grinder


For the price, I'm not sure you can find a better coffee grinder than the Fiorenzato F4 Nano. Made in Italy, the Fiorenzato F4 Nano combines quality construction and performance to give you a grinder comparable to even the most expensive grinders. Able to grind for all types of coffee and featuring electronic dosing, the Fiorenzato F4 is affordable quality.



The Fiorenzato F4 is a quiet little guy. Don't confuse its lack of a mouth for being weak, though. The F4 features a powerful 250 watt/250 volt motor. Compared to other Italian grinders on the market, the Fiorenzato F4 is by far the quietest.

Electronic Dosing

Most Italian coffee grinders with this feature will cost you north of $1k - like the Mazzer Mini E. The F4 is also doserless as grounds are distributed directly to your portafilter or cone. Doserless grinders reduce the amount of space for the beans to travel locking in their flavor and aroma. 

5 Color Options

The Fiorenzato F4 Nano is available in 5 different color options - Chrome, Silver, Black, Red and White. Chrome will cost you a little extra, though - $615 compared to $595 for the other colors. 


The F4 can be programmed to your desired grind weight and time. Let the F4 Nano do the work for you. All you need to do is program and watch!

Stepless Adjustment

Fine tune your grind with stepless adjustment. With the simple move of a dial you can adjust your grind finer or coarser with ease.

Other Features Include:

  • Flat 58mm Burrs
  • Grinding Speed - 1400 rpm
  • 2 Programmable Dose Settings with Manual Dosing Option
  • Short Bean Hopper Included (1.3 lbs. capacity)
  • Touch Screen Display

Most Comparable To

Mazzer Mini Electronic - $1,095

Fiorenzato F4 Nano - $595-$615

For the money, the F4 Nano from Fiorenzato is a no brainer. Cliff & Pebble includes the short hopper to save you some space underneath your countertops. Have questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to set you up!

Why You Should Consider the F4 Nano

Value - For the price, you won't find a better quality grinder. We put the Fiorenzato on par with Mazzer grinders and just above Baratza. With prices starting at $595, the Fiorenzato F4 Nano is an incredible value. 

Looks Great - The F4 from Fiorenzato looks fantastic. Complete with the short hopper, it's sure to fit on seamlessly on your kitchen countertops below any cabinets.

Value - Did we mention value?