Authorized Retailer for every brand we sell

Cliff & Pebble is an authorized internet retailer for Rocket Espresso, La Spaziale, Quick Mill, Baratza, Mazzer, Fiorenzato, Compak, M&V, Fellow, Bruer, Ratio - and every other brand we sell. 

Why should you purchase from an Authorized Internet Retailer?

1. Your warranty will be honored

Many manufacturers will only honor a warranty repair request if the item was purchased from an Authorized Retailer. You may be asked to show proof of purchase from an Authorized Retailer or a serial number. 

2. Rest Assured. Your equipment was meant to be sold in the USA only

Believe it or not, there are "knock-off" units out there. These units look the same as real ones however do not meet the same performance specifications as ours. This means they may be unsafe. They may even be impossible to repair. 

3. Many manufacturers provide training

The experts at Cliff & Pebble are always here to help you however if you'd prefer to speak directly with the manufacturer, we'd be more than happy to put you in touch. Just ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do your machines come from? 

We work directly with the exclusive USA importers for all brands. This is where we source our machines from. With warehouses in Washington (state), New York and Indiana, our coverage is statewide. We'll do our best to make sure your machine is shipped from the closest spot!

2. Do you provide warranty work?

In most cases no, we do not. We've chosen to have the experts handle warranty work. By experts we mean the exclusive importers who know these machines inside and out and have been doing this for decades. Should anything go wrong with your machine or grinder, give us a call and we'll make sure you're taken care of quickly! We even pay the shipping!

3. Why aren't you listed on Rocket Espresso's website?

Rocket Espresso has only chosen to list importers of their products directly on their website. Since we source our machines directly from those importers here in the States and have partnered with them for warranty work, we have no need to import them. The money saved on taxes and duties at the border are passed on to YOU, the customer, in the form of free extras with all Rockets. 

We fully encourage you to contact Rocket Espresso directly to confirm our dealership status. (italy) or (Rocket Espresso USA).

*Cliff & Pebble is a preferred Rocket Espresso USA dealer*

What questions should you ask any coffee/espresso retailer?

1. Are you an authorized retailer? 

If they say no, ask them why. Most unauthorized dealers have violated rules set forth by the manufacturers. They may offer you discounts however they will not be authorized to offer warranty service or anything else. Buy with caution. 

2. If there's a problem, who can I call for help?

Many retailers like to talk about customer service but it usually ends there. Buying from Cliff & Pebble gets you much more than an awesome product. You also receive A+ customer service - for life! You'll have toll-free access to our experts 7 days a week. We strive to make ourselves available at all hours of the day to help our customers with anything they may need. Emails are answered as quickly as possible, message us on Facebook or Instagram. Live chat during normal business hours. 

In short, we're always reachable!

3. Where do you get your machines?

Cliff & Pebble sources our machines from the exclusive importers of every brand we sell. We've chosen not to import directly from Italy to avoid massive fees, duties and taxes involved when importing a product from abroad. Instead, we pass these savings on to our customers in the forms of free extras.