La Spaziale Vivaldi II


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La Spaziale Vivaldi II

**the Vivaldi II can ONLY be plumbed to your water water as it does not contain  a re-fillable water reservoir**

**please allow up to 2 weeks lead time for the walnut panel option as these panels are custom made on-order**

The La Spaziale Vivaldi II is a remarkable espresso machine known for its exceptional performance and advanced features. This model stands out as a direct plumb machine, meaning it requires a direct water connection rather than utilizing a water reservoir. This feature ensures a constant and uninterrupted water supply, making it an excellent choice for commercial environments or locations where a direct plumbing option is available.

The Vivaldi II offers a dual boiler system, enabling simultaneous brewing and steaming for efficient operation and consistent temperature control. It also incorporates programmable volumetric dosing, allowing for precise shot volumes and ease of use. With its robust construction and professional-grade components, the La Spaziale Vivaldi II delivers outstanding espresso quality while offering the convenience of a direct plumb machine for continuous brewing excellence.

Features of the Vivaldi II

- Direct plumb machine ONLY: The Vivaldi II is designed exclusively for direct plumbing, meaning it requires a direct water connection instead of utilizing a water reservoir. This ensures a continuous water supply, making it ideal for commercial environments or locations with a direct plumbing option.

- Dual boiler system:
Equipped with dual boilers, the Vivaldi II allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming. This feature ensures optimal temperature control and allows baristas to create espresso shots while frothing milk, resulting in efficient workflow and consistent performance.

- Volumetric controls - Program your machine based on shot time so you can simply press a button, walk away, and let your Vivaldi II do the rest.

- Programmable volumetric dosing:
The machine offers programmable volumetric dosing, enabling precise control over shot volumes. This feature allows users to program and customize the desired amount of espresso, ensuring consistency in each extraction.

- PID temperature control:
The Vivaldi II incorporates a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) temperature control system. This advanced technology maintains stable and precise temperature throughout the brewing process, enhancing the overall quality and flavor of the espresso.

- Professional-grade components:
With its robust construction and high-quality components, the Vivaldi II is built to withstand the demands of commercial use. From the stainless steel housing to the commercial-grade portafilter and brew group, this machine is designed for long-lasting performance and durability.

- Pre-infusion capability:
The Vivaldi II includes a pre-infusion feature, allowing for a gentle and controlled infusion of water onto the coffee grounds before full pressure is applied. This process helps ensure even extraction and enhances the flavor profile of the espresso.

- User-friendly interface:
The machine's user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate and program various settings. With intuitive controls and clear displays, users can navigate through the machine's functions effortlessly.

- Steam and hot water wands:
The Vivaldi II is equipped with steam and hot water wands for milk frothing and hot water dispensing. These high-quality wands offer excellent steam pressure and control, allowing for precise frothing and versatile beverage preparation.

Technical Specifications

Made In Italy
Manufacturer La Spaziale
Height 15.10 inches
Width 16.30 inches
Depth 16.30 inches
Weight 62 pounds
Material Plastic, Matte Black, Red, Wood
Drip Tray Plastic, Matte Black
Plumbable  Yes
Capacity No water reservoir
Material  No water reservoir
Low Water Sensor  No water reservoir
Material Copper & Brass
Capacity 2.5 liters (steam), 0.45 (brew)
Insulated  No
Power 1250 W (steam), 800 W (brew)
Automatic Fill Yes
Type Rotary
Recommended Brew Pressure 9 bars
Adjustable Brew Pressure Yes
Included (2) Single, Double Spouted
Portafilter Size 53mm
Tamper Included Yes
Warranty Period 2 years
Coverage Parts, Labor & Shipping Both Ways


Duration - 2 years

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