Can I Use a Wi-Fi Timer With My Espresso Machine?

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How to Smarten Up Your Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine

Make Your At Home Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine Smarter! 

All You Need is a Wi-Fi Timer

With most of the espresso machines we sell here at Cliff & Pebble (and most coffee makers in general) there’s a heat-up time involved. Unless you like your coffee cold, it’s just a necessary component to making coffee. With premium domestic machines heat-up times can reach up to 40 minutes! Yeah – that’s a little longer than the line at your local Starbucks!

This heat up time can really turn people off of a premium machine and opt for a cheaper, more time-sensitive one. Most want their coffee and they want it quickly. We’re constantly asked if our machines can be put on Wi-Fi timers.

The answer? YES – they can! 

Here’s a quick list of our favorite tech gear to pair with any espresso machine or coffee maker.

1. WEMO Wi-Fi Timer

This thing is really cool and is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a switch you can plug your appliances in to (espresso machines and coffee makers included), set a time you want it to come on and off at and let it work it’s magic!

Benefits of the WEMO

Controllable From Anywhere Via an App

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Controllable from your smartphone via the WEMO app, simply set it up, set a schedule if you’d like and let it go. Me personally? I have my Rocket Mozzafiato set to come on at 6am every morning. This way, when my alarm clock buzzes me out of bed at 7am, my Rocket is heated and ready to go! No heat up time waiting involved.

Should you not set a schedule, leave the house and realize you left it on – no worries. You can use the app to turn it off from wherever you may be. 

No subscription fees.

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2. “Hey Alexa, turn on the coffee maker!”

amazon alexa

If you don’t have one of these things by now, you don’t know what you’re missing. 

Alexa is your at-home personal assistant, knowledge base, stereo, news center, score updater, pretty much everything. The amount of things you can ask Alexa are endless. What’s even better is it’s compatible with WEMO!

That’s right – you can pair your WEMO Wi-Fi timer with your Amazon Alexa to tell it (from anywhere in your house) to “turn on the coffee maker,” or “Hey Alexa, turn on the Rocket.”

Give it the command and boom – your coffee maker or espresso machine is automatically switched to “on”.

Suggestions to ask Alexa:

  • “Hey Alexa, what’s the weather?”
  • “Hey Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes.”
  • “Hey Alexa, how do I make a vanilla latte.”
  • “Hey Alexa, re-order some Starbucks beans.”
  • “Hey Alexa, what’s the traffic like to work right now.”
  • “Hey Alexa, what time is it in Rome?”
  • “Hey Alexa, play some baby making music!”

Just suggestions. As you can see, you can ask it pretty much anything.

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