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Eureka Oro Mignon XL

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Color: Black
Sale price$899.00
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Eureka Oro Mignon XL

Now with Eureka's patented Pure Diamond burrs (65mm), the XL is one of the newest members of the Oro line. Featuring an upgraded motor, a compact footprint, and Eureka's ELR system, the Eureka Oro Mignon XL will ensure a low retention, fast grind, and consistency time-after-time. 

Why we love it:

The Eureka Oro Mignon XL is silent, fast, consistent, and efficient. What's not to love? True to Eureka design principals comes another compact yet immensely powerful grinder. With 65mm flat steel burrs, electronic dosing, and almost zero retention, the Oro XL is ideal for anyone looking for the best when it comes to grind retention and consistency in their grind. 

Is it for me?

Customers who fall in love and stay true to Eureka are usually looking for a grinder that is durable, consistent, and doesn't make a fuss in their kitchen. The Eureka Oro Mignon XL is just that. Coming in at under 14" tall, the Oro XL is compact. Combine that with a 320W motor with 1650 RPM, users will instantly experience the best there is in coffee grinding. 

While designed specifically for espresso grinding, The Eureka Mignon Oro XL is diverse. It's stepless adjustment will allow you to seamlessly adjust your burrs with the simple turn of a dial for any brew method. French press, drip, pour over - no problem.

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Eureka Mignon Oro XL Warranty Information

Duration - 1 year

Coverage - Eureka grinders are covered by a one year manufacturers warranty.

Shipping - Cliff & pebble covers shipping both ways for warranty repairs during the first 90 days of purchase. After that period, we are more than happy to help, however shipping is then the responsibility of the customer.

What's Included

Below is a comprehensive list of what's included standard with every Eureka Mignon Oro XL grinder.

  • Eureka Mignon Oro Xl grinder
  • Mignon Mat Kit
  • Portafilter Holder
  • Bean Hopper
  • User Manual

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