Can you single dose with a Eureka Mignon Specialita?

single dose eureka specialita

Is single dosing on a Eureka Mignon Specialita possible?

We get this question on a daily basis so figured we'd do our best to answer it here for all to see. 

Yes, you can absolutely single dose on a Eureka Mignon Specialita

There are even plenty of third party single dosing hoppers on the market in addition to Eureka manufacturing their own to fit this incredibly popular grinder. 

James Hoffmann does it, so why can't you?

Espresso aficionado and YouTuber, James Hoffmann can be seen single dosing with a Eureka Mignon Specialita in multiple videos, most notable "How I Make Espresso: Tools and Techniques".

Gear used in his video:

He also used a paper filter made from a Chemex filter at the bottom of his portafilter to reduce channeling. 

So, it can certainly be done. But how?

How to single dose on a Eureka Mignon Specialita.

1. Measure your beans using a high-quality coffee scale like this one.

Measuring your beans is essential to single dosing as it's exactly the point. Single dosing is meant to maximize the amount of coffee for every shot of espresso you pull by grinding the exact amount you're looking for. 

Leaving you beans in your hopper and using electronic dosing can lead to less-than-perfect retention which is exactly what single dosing is looking to improve - the amount of coffee bean your grinder retains. 

2. (Optional) Spray your beans using a small spray bottle prior to grinding.

This technique is getting more and more popular. 

Spraying your beans is meant to reduce friction and in turn, static. 

Static from your coffee grinder can be extremely frustrating and messy as your grinder will be spitting coffee bean particles all over the place - no thanks. 

This technique is especially useful when your burrs are brand new and not fully broken in yet. 

3. Make sure your portafilter is perfectly clean from previous uses.

An often overlooked step as, well, most of us are lazy bums.

Keeping your portafilter clean is actually a very important step to getting the best extraction possible. 

4. Start your grinder before inserting your beans into the hopper.

On a Specialita, make sure you increase your electronic dosing setting to a slightly higher time frame (seconds) to ensure your burrs don't stop moving before all the coffee is ground.

5. Insert your coffee.

It'll do the work for you.

What about a bellows system?

Yes, if you truly want to get to zero retention you'll most likely need some sort of a bellows system which unfortunately, the stock Specialita hopper does not have. So, you'll need to invest in a third party hopper in this case - there are plenty

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