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Founded in the years between two World Wars by Luigi Mazzer, Mazzer grinders has never lost its passion for producing quality coffee grinders. If the name Mazzer sounds familiar it's most likely because your local coffee shop, you know the one that serves your favorite latte or cappuccino, uses a Mazzer grinder.

WIth a vast offering of coffee grinders, the Mazzer Mini has been the popular selection for thousands of homes in over 90 countries. For a more commercial quality grinder, consider the Mazzer Super Jolly.

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Enjoy Superb Coffee Every Time with a Mazzer Coffee Grinder

When it comes to the perfect cup of coffee, we believe that there are three main considerations to take into account: the beans, the grinding process and the percolation process. Something from the Mazzer collection offers the perfect solution, providing a high-quality grinding action that produces even grains with minimal heat. If you're looking for premium coffee making equipment that delivers a great brew every time, a Mazzer Mini Grinder could be ideal.



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