Free Gift Policy

Here at Cliff & Pebble we're happy to do what other dealers won't - give away FREE items! Please note that due to agreements with our manufacturers, the value of these gifts cannot reach a certain amount. We're pleased to discuss swapping your free gifts however we must follow the rules and regulations set forth by the manufacturers. 

There are, however, some rules involved with these gifts. 

  1. Gifts cannot be combined with any other offers - should you decide to use a coupon code, you will NOT receive free gifts in addition to a coupon. 
  2. Should you return your item(s), you must also return any items given to you for free. Should you choose not to, your refund amount will be lessened by the value of the gift you chose to keep. 
  3. Gifts can NOT be swapped for discounts off your order.

Buying on Third Party Websites

Free gifts are only awarded when an item is purchased directly from us, Cliff & Pebble, through our website. 

Should you purchase your item on a third party website (, Houzz, eBay, etc) you will not be eligible for free gifts. 

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