best filterless pour over coffee makers

Filterless Pour Over Coffee Is Taking Over - Here Are Our Top 5

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filterless pour over coffee maker

Pour Over coffee is the preferred method of those who like to do things old school, by hand and are not overly concerned about the lack of cacao oils that make it into their cup of coffee. Some may prefer the showmanship of coffee houses that use the pour over technique and want to show off for their friends or loved ones at home. Whatever your reason to drink coffee, it’s a good one in our books!

While pour over coffee makers generally use paper filters there are new offerings that either have built in filters or reusable filters. This offers a more economical and environmentally friendly option compared to paper filters. We argue that the built in filters provide a more consistent flavor as the pores of the filter are more consistent in size compared to paper.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Best Filterless/Paperless Pour Over Coffee Makers

1. Cafellissimo Paperless Pour Over Coffee Maker

filterless pour over coffee maker

The Cafelissmo Paperless pour over coffee maker has dual stainless steel mesh filters that look like they can take a beating. This unit allows you to make 1-2 cups of coffee and is easy to clean making it a perfect choice for the bachelor/bachelorette needing their morning fix.

2. Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with Wood Stand - Full Brewing Set for a Homemade Pourover -

filterless pour over coffee maker

The first of two Osaka offerings on our list, this full brewing set has everything you need to start your pour over coffee making at home. In fact, the Osaka comes with a stainless steel filter, waterproofed wood, metal stand, and a glass carafe with lid. If you are just getting started with home brewing this would be the logical choice.

3. Maranello Caffé Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Cup Stand -

filterless pour over coffee maker

The Maranello offering boasts of high grade materials, dual mesh filters and on the go portability. In fact, they specifically designed this pour over filter to be compatible with most popular tumblers and coffee mugs. Imagine a handcrafted pour over on the road straight into your Yeti or Tervis or whatever your favorite coffee mug might be! All that and it has a 90 day money back guarantee.

4. Osaka Pour Over Coffee Maker with Reusable Stainless Steel Drip Filter -

filterless pour over coffee maker

Our second Osaka on the list might not have all the bells and whistles of the first full brew kit but this offering is no slouch either. This kit includes a borosilicate glass carafe which is resistant to thermal shock, it also does not absorb any odors, chemicals or residue. Add in a high quality dual mesh reusable filter and you have a great setup for those of us who want to make a pot of coffee and heat some up for later without losing the pure taste.

5. Single Cup Coffee Maker by Meltera

filterless pour over coffee maker

For the purists just looking for a high quality reusable filter for their pour over coffee setup we suggest taking a look at the Meltera single cup. You get a durable single pour coffee filter that is compact in size making it a great option for those with smaller kitchens or those who travel frequently and don't want to donate half their paycheck to the local Starbucks.

As you can see there are many options for those that prefer reusable pour over coffee makers. Some are single pour and some can make up to 8 cups at once for those who need a serious caffeine buzz.

If you are in the market for the best filterless pour over coffee makers be sure to consider the following:

  • Pour size/ Yield: How much your coffee maker will make. Some are single serving while others can brew for your whole crew.
  • Filter Material: Some have a built in reusable filter that can be cumbersome to clean.
  • Components Included: Are you getting a full setup or just a fancy reusable filter?
  • Price: Good news, of all the coffee makers on the market these may be the most budget friendly!

Finding the perfect balance of these factors will lead to coffee nirvana. Or just a nice cup of handcrafted coffee!  

Recap - Our Top 5 Filterless Pour Over Coffee Makers For 2018