portafilter size lelit bianca

What’s the portafilter size Lelit Bianca?portafilter size lelit bianca



Lelit Bianca Group Head

The Lelit Bianca comes complete with the E61 heated group head. The diameter of it is 58mm. When shopping for a new portafilter, any with a 58mm diameter will do.

Our Favorite Dual Boilers with the E61 

1. Lelit Bianca

2. Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto

3. Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo

4. Quick Mill QM67 Evo

Bottomless Portafilter Included 

Any Lelit Bianca purchased from Cliff & Pebble comes with a wooden, 58mm bottomless portafilter. These are not only great for photo ops but more importantly (if you’ve never had a prosumer machine before), they are wonderful learning tools.

What’s a bottomless portafilter? 

Exactly what it sounds like! A bottomless is a portafilter without prongs. When compared to a single spouted portafilter (used for a single shot of espresso), and a double spouted (used for a double shot of espresso), a bottomless does not have prongs. What this allows you to do is witness the extraction from start to finish providing you with important visual data. 

For example, let’s say you’re using a bottomless portafilter. You grind, dose, distribute your coffee grounds, tamp, and insert into the E61 group head. All is peachy, right?

Then, once the extraction starts coffee starts spraying everywhere. A complete and total mess.

Something must be wrong with your machine, right?


Your bottomless portafilter is telling you so much and providing you with all the information you need to improve your shots. First, your grind is most likely way too coarse allowing water to essentially get through your coffee with ease.

Solution – adjust your grind to the finer side. 

It could also be your dosage is too small. Increase it.

Your tamping pressure may be too soft. Tamp a bit harder next time.

Do you see how much information your bottomless gave you?

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