Keurig Espresso Pods? Can Your Keurig Make Shots of Espresso?

can you make espresso with a keurig

Can you make espresso in Keurig?

Keurig is certainly a name you've probably heard of, especially if you watch TV. But is it a super cheap way to get into the hobby of making espresso at home? Can you make espresso in a Keurig for 1/100th the price of what a prosumer espresso machine would cost you? 

We'll do our very best to answer this question for you. 

To the point - does Keurig Make Espresso?

While it is true you can find espresso blends in the form a Keurig pods, no, a Keurig coffee make does not make true espresso.

What do you mean by "true espresso." 

Well, espresso is basically the combination of two things: pressure and heat. 

Keurig coffee makes do not have the required pressure to make real espresso, unfortunately. What it will do is make slightly bitter coffee which can give you the appearance and taste (sort of) of espresso but it isn't actually espresso. Nespresso machines fall into this category as well. 

Good stuff, just not espresso. 

Espresso pods for Keurig

Yes, you can buy "espresso" pods for your Keurig. They are made in a fairly large number of flavors and a variety of roasts from names you probably have already heard of - Lavazza, Illy, Starbucks, and Dunkin.

However, these pods will not create actual espresso as a Keurig does not have the proper heating element or pressure settings to produce true espresso. What they'll give you is a glorified version of pour over coffee. 

How to make espresso with Keurig

First, you want to make sure you're brewing the smallest cup possible to emulate a shot (or two) of espresso.

For reference, a typical single shot of espresso measures out to 1.5 oz. A double 3 oz.

Choosing a larger yield will result in a very "watered-down" shot of espresso that will taste pretty yucky. 

Instead of selecting the brew button, select the shot button if your Keurig has it. This button will give you a 2oz concentrated shot of strong coffee. Still not espresso but not bad if we're being honest.

Our favorite Keurig espresso blend found on Amazon 

A better espresso alternative? Nespresso!

Coffee and espresso enthusiast, and world barista Champion, James Hoffman, tried every single Nespresso pod currently available. We agree with most of his solutions however in our opinion, Nespresso offers a better version of "espresso" than any Keurig can buy. Available on Amazon.
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