What is the Size of the Rocket Appartamento Portafilter?

rocket appartamento portafilter size

Rocket Appartamento Portafilter Size - What is it?!

rocket appartamento portafilter size

Unlike Breville which requires portafilters to have a 54mm diameter, the size for Rocket Appartamento portafilter, and all Rocket Espresso portafilters for that matter, is 58mm.

The Appartamento uses the incredibly consistent and realible E61 group head. It's diameter is 58mm.

Looking for a 58mm bottomless portafilter to pair with your Apparamento?

Rocket Espresso manufacturers their own

rocket espresso bottomless portafilter

Or This Anodized Portafilter from Normcore

normcore 58mm bottomless portafilter

Is a 58mm Bottomless Portafilter a Necessity?

While they are not a necessity we routinely recommend them to pretty much everyone, especially those who have never had a prosumer machine before. 


They are incredible learning tools. 

Bottomless portafilters allow you to see your extraction from start to finish and give you a great idea of what you're doing right, and more importantly wrong, with your coffee preparation. 

Being able to see your extraction from the first drop will tell you tons of information about your grind size, dosage, tamping pressure, basically all the variables in the espresso making process!

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