How many ounces is a shot of espresso vs. how much caffeine in a shot of espresso?

how many oz is a shot of espresso

How many ounces are in a shot of espresso?

As a retailer of prosumer espresso machines and grinders, we're constantly asked by customers how many ounces is a shot of espresso in addition to how many ounces is in a double shot of espresso (the more popular item). 

Well, there isn't really a "correct" answer to this question in our opinion however a great rule of thumb is:

Ounces in a single shot of espresso - 1 oz

Ounces in a double shot of espresso - 2oz

Pretty simple, right?

how many oz is a shot of espresso

How much caffeine in a shot of espresso?

A true shot of espresso contains, on average, more caffeine than something you'd find at a major chain.

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The answer to this question gets a tad more complicated as it depends on numerous factors like your roast, quality of that roast, dosage, grind, extraction method, length of extraction, etc. For the purposes of this article, let's assume we're measuring caffeine counts from your local café who uses a high quality espresso machine and grinder, and prepares your espresso properly.

Caffeine in a single (1oz) shot of espresso - 64mg (avg)

Caffeine in a double (2oz) shot of espresso - 128mg (avg)

What effects caffeine counts?

So, so many variables. 

Most importantly is the way in which you extract your espresso and for how long. Espresso Expert James Hoffmann made a wonderful video explaining this in immense detail.

How we make espresso at home

There are plenty of ways to make espresso at home these days however we like one of the most traditional, most fun methods of simply using an espresso machine and grinder. 

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1. Weigh out your beans. 

Now, you don't have to do this however if you're someone who like to be precise and consistent (like us), grab yourself a nice coffee scale and start weighing your beans before grinding them. You'll immediately notice a difference in the quality and consistency of your coffee by doing this.

Dosage recommendations (just recommendations, we suggest playing around with dosages to find out what you like!)

Single shot of espresso - 7g of beans to yield 14g of espresso (1 to 2 ratio)

Double shot of espresso - 18g of beans to yield 36g of espresso (1 to 2 ratio)

2. Grind

Grind your beans to a fine coarseness using a high-quality burr grinder.

Don't want to spend thousands on a grinder? We like this one on Amazon. 

Coffee coming out to quick and spraying everywhere? Make small adjustments to your grind setting to the finer side. 

Coffee not coming out at all? Your grind is too fine. Coarsen it up a bit and try again.

3. Insert grounds into your portafilter, distribute and tamp

When tamping, ensure you're tamping at a perfectly perpendicular angle to the portafilter to get the most even, flat tamp possible. 

Apply about 30 pounds of pressure but don't go crazy. 

4. Pull your shot of espresso

Shoot for about 25 to 30 seconds of extraction time. Shorter for a ristretto, longer for a luongo. 

5. Enjoy the nectar

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