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Lelit Victoria: Where Espresso Meets Elegance

Experience the pinnacle of aesthetic and professional technology, all encapsulated within the compact elegance of the Victoria Espresso Machine. This exquisite piece of design not only graces your countertop but also delivers unparalleled performance. In just a matter of minutes, it stands ready to enhance your coffee brewing experience. With the incorporation of the advanced LELIT58 commercial group, the Victoria Espresso Machine enables you to achieve a remarkable series of consecutive brews. Enjoy an extended period of steam availability and revel in exceptional thermal stability, making every espresso creation a masterpiece in flavor and precision. Victoria: Where innovation meets aesthetics in the world of espresso.

Main Features of the Victoria

  • LCC (Lelit Electronic Control System) allows you to activate pre-infusion, set the auto-washing cycle, and more.
  • Manometer - The black back-lit manometer monitors coffee delivery pressure, with the green area (8 to 12 bar) signifying the ideal range and indicating the proper execution of pre-brewing phases.
  • Multidirectional steam wand - The multidirectional wand, featuring an anti-burn handle, effortlessly dispenses hot water and steam to create barista-quality foam; conveniently activated through front buttons and adjustable via a side knob.
  • LELIT58 commerical-grade group head
  • 3-way solenoid valve
  • Wide cup warmer
  • Mug-friendly
  • Single brass boiler
  • Adjustable steam & coffee temperature
  • Pre-infusion on/off
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit options
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Stand-by mode
  • Shot timer
  • Brushed stainless steel casing
  • Under 10 minute heat-up time

Why we love it:

We have a deep affection for the Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine, and it's not hard to see why. This remarkable coffee-making marvel boasts an array of features that elevate your home brewing experience to new heights.

One of the standout features is the LCC (Lelit Electronic Control System), giving you unprecedented control and customization options. You can activate pre-infusion, set the auto-washing cycle, and fine-tune your coffee-making process according to your preferences. This level of control empowers you to craft the perfect cup of coffee, just the way you like it.

The inclusion of a black back-lit manometer adds both style and functionality to the Victoria. This clever device diligently monitors coffee delivery pressure, and when the needle falls within the green area (8 to 12 bar), it signals the ideal range for brewing perfection. It's like having a professional barista at your side, ensuring that every cup is made with precision and expertise.

The multidirectional steam wand is another feature we adore. Designed with an anti-burn handle, it effortlessly dispenses hot water and steam to create the kind of frothy, velvety foam that you'd expect from your favorite coffee shop. The convenience of front buttons and an adjustable side knob means you can tailor your frothing experience to suit your exact preferences, whether it's for lattes, cappuccinos, or other specialty drinks.

The inclusion of a commercial-grade LELIT58 group head and a 3-way solenoid valve further enhances the Victoria's brewing prowess. It ensures consistent extraction and easy maintenance, making it a reliable companion in your coffee-making journey.

But that's not all; the Victoria comes with a wide cup warmer that's mug-friendly, a single brass boiler that ensures temperature stability, and the ability to adjust steam and coffee temperatures. It even offers options to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit for your convenience. With features like pre-infusion control, automatic cleaning cycles, stand-by mode, a shot timer, and a brushed stainless steel casing that exudes elegance, the Victoria Espresso Machine is designed to impress.

One of its most admirable qualities is its speedy under 10-minute heat-up time. No more waiting around when you're in need of that morning caffeine fix.

Is it for me?

If you're a coffee aficionado who craves both quality and control in your home brewing experience, then the Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine is undoubtedly for you. Its extensive feature set, including the LCC for customization, a precise manometer, a versatile multidirectional steam wand, and commercial-grade components, ensures that it caters to the needs of those who take their coffee seriously. Whether you're an aspiring barista or simply someone who enjoys savoring the rich flavors of espresso-based beverages, the Victoria Espresso Machine brings the cafe experience to your kitchen, making it a perfect addition for anyone seeking top-tier coffee craftsmanship at home.


Duration - 1 year

Coverage - Lelit products are covered by a one year manufacturers warranty against defects in material & workmanship. 

Shipping - Cliff & Pebble covers shipping (both ways) for warranty during the first 90 days. After that period, we're more than happy to help with any issue however the cost of shipping is then on the customer. Parts & labor is still on us!

What's Included

  • Double portafilter
  • Single basket
  • Double basket
  • Blind basket
  • Plastic tamper
  • Coffee scoop
  • Lelit cleaning cloth
  • Group head cleaning brush
  • Water softener filter

Product Specifications

Made In Italy
Manufacturer Lelit
Height 15.00 inches
Width 9.00 inches
Depth 10.75 inches
Weight 21 pounds
Material Brushed Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Cover Stainless Steel
Drainable? No
Water Reservoir
Reservoir or Plumbed? Reservoir
Capacity 2.5 liters
Material BPA Plastic Free
Removable Yes
Low Water Indicator Yes
Steam Wand
Material Stainless Steel
No Burn No
Wand Movement Full Rotation
Steam Hole Tip Holes 2
Pressure Adjustment Yes, both steam and brew
Pre Infusion Yes
Flow Profiling No
Volumetric Dosing No
Pressure Gauges All-in-one
Cup Warming Tray
Material Stainless Steel
Location Top Panel
Portafilters & Tampers
Portafilters Included Double with single and double basket
Tampers Included Yes, 58mm
Group Head
Type Saturated, LELIT58
Material Single, Brass
Capacity 300 mL
Type Single boiler
Automatic Fill Yes
Insulated  No
Warm-Up Time Under 10 minutes
Type Vibratory
Recommended Pressure 9 bars
Adjustable Pressure Yes
Length 1 years
Coverage Parts, labor

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