Top 5 Naked Porafilters For Your Breville Espresso Machine

naked portafilter breville

Our Favorite Naked Portafilters For Breville Espresso Machines

First things first, not all Breville espresso machines have the same group head size. Let's go over these sizes first. Information comes straight from the manufacturer, Breville.



Top Naked Portafilters Breville Owners Will Love

For 54mm Machines (Duo Temp Pro, Infuser, Barista Touch, Barista Pro, Barista Express)

1. This gorgeous, well-built bottomless from Unik Fixa (54mm)

naked portafilter breville

2. Need some wood? Check out this 54mm bottomless portafilter

54mm bottomless naked portafilter breville

3. This mixture of wood & stainless steel from Comunitá

breville naked portafilter

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