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Breville Barista Express Impress BES876BSS

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About the Barista Express Impress

The Barista Express Impress meets the cutting-edge Impress™ Puck System, ensuring you attain the ideal dose and a precision tamp, while also minimizing grounds spillage both on the machine and your countertop. Your journey to coffee perfection begins here.

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Unleash the Barista Within with the Breville Barista Express Impress BES876

Introducing the Breville Barista Express Impress Espresso Machine – your gateway to crafting exquisite café-quality coffee in the comfort of your home. Elevate your daily brew with this precision-engineered masterpiece, designed to empower both coffee enthusiasts and aspiring baristas alike.

Main Features

  • Third wave specialty coffee at home - experience the magic of professional-grade espresso with Breville machines, which seamlessly embrace the four essential elements utilized by top-tier café equipment. These machines are expertly engineered to deliver the perfect dose of freshly ground beans, maintain precise temperature control, ensure ideal water pressure, and craft velvety microfoam milk for flawless latte art. With just a simple touch, coffee excellence is within your reach.
  • Intelligent dosing with the integrated conical burr grinder - your dose is automatically calculated based on your previous grinding session, ensuring it's ready for your next use.
  • Assisted tamping - Consistently exerts a steady 22-pound pressure on your coffee grounds, culminating in a refined 7-degree barista twist to create a perfectly compact and polished puck.
  • Precision measurement auto correct the next dose - Should your desired dose necessitate a slight adjustment, the intelligent dose system seamlessly corrects itself. It retains the memory of your previous dose and tamping results, automatically fine-tuning the process to ensure you achieve the flawless dose you're aiming for this time.
  • Low pressure pre-infusion followed by a 9 bar extraction - Embark on a journey to savor an opulent, creamy, and beautifully caramel-colored espresso. This delightful experience commences with a gentle, low-pressure pre-infusion, paving the way for a high-pressure (9 bar) extraction process expertly facilitated by a 15-bar Italian pump.
  • Thermocoil heating system - Breville's advanced Thermocoil heating system, equipped with PID temperature control, ensures a precise water temperature of precisely 200°F, guaranteeing a harmonious and impeccably balanced flavor profile in every cup.
  • Hand-crafted microfoam - Crafted for efficiency, it's robust steam wand is engineered to swiftly transform milk into velvety microfoam, boasting a delectably silky texture, perfect for creating intricate latte art designs with ease.

Weight & Dimensions

Height: 16.00 inches

Width: 13.25 inches

Depth: 12.00 inches

Weight: 23 pounds

Warranty Information

Duration - 2 years

Coverage - Breville products are covered by a 2 year extended warranty against defects in material, parts, and workmanship. 

Who supports the warranty? Breville USA

Contact Information - (866) 273-8455

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Crafting Barista-Quality Espresso at Home: The Barista Express with Impress™ Puck System

Achieve third-wave specialty coffee excellence in under a minute, right in your own home, from bean to espresso. Unlock the incredible capabilities of the Barista Express with the innovative Impress™ Puck System, ensuring a perfect dose and a precise tamp, all while minimizing mess on your machine and countertop.

54mm stainless steel portafilter enhances your coffee experience by delivering rich, full flavor using both dual and single wall filters.

Craft a full-bodied coffee boasting rich and intricate flavors by employing the perfect 18g dose of freshly ground beans, expertly handled by a 54mm stainless steel portafilter in a professional style.

breville espresso machine portafilter with coffee
breville espresso machine grinder settings

Achieve precise and intelligent dosing with a built-in conical burr grinder offering 25 grind settings.

The dose is automatically calculated, taking into account the previous grind, to ensure it's prepared for your next use.

Handcraft velvety microfoam manually.

The robust steam wand is meticulously engineered to swiftly transform milk into velvety microfoam, offering a delightful silky texture perfect for pouring latte art.

breville espresso steaming milk