Eureka Mignon Specialita vs. Atom

**the Eureka Atom comes in three different models. The 60, 65, and 75. In this article we're comparing the Specialita to the Eureka Atom 60**

Compact, powerful, good-looking, and innovative. Words that can describe both these grinders. Eureka has a knack for making some pretty impressive grinders. The Specialita has been immensely popular since it's redesign. The Atom is one of the quietest home espresso grinders we've ever come acrosse. There is a significant price difference - so which one is right for you? 

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Eureka Atom - Three Models

First things first - it's important to note that the Atom comes in three different models. The 60, 65, and 75. Each number referring to the burr size of the grinder. This post is comparing the Specialita to the Eureka Atom 60


55mm Burrs (Specialita) vs. 60mm Burrs (Atom)

So, why should you care about this? Is a 5mm difference really something to ride home about? 

When it comes to grinding burrs, bigger does translate to better. 

Larger burrs will mean a faster grinder, higher levels of consistency, and better grind retention - all pluses.

Size Matters

The Specialita is quite the compact little workhorse. Coming it at only 13.8 inches tall, there's no wonder it's been so popular for at-home baristas!

The Atom, on the other hand, is larger in every dimension. At 17.25 inches tall, you may need to do some measuring before pulling the trigger on the Atom. 

Or course with the larger footprint comes more insulation. More insulation means a quieter grinder and is the reason the Atom is one of the quietest domestic espresso grinders we've ever seen.

A Full Comparison

Size 55mm 60mm
Material Flat Stainless Steel Flat Stainless Steel
Speed 1350 RPM 1350 RPM
Wattage 260W 450W
Voltage 110V 110V
Type Stepless, Turn Dial Stepless, Turn Dial
Touch Screen Yes Yes
Programmable Yes, by time Yes, by time
Programmable Profiles 2 2
Material Steel Steel
Insulation Yes Yes
Height 13.8 inches 17.25 inches
Width 5 inches 7.2 inches
Depth 5.6 inches 10.39 inches

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