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August 07, 2017

Lavazza is well known for for their beans & coffee - not so much their espresso machines. Founded in 1895 in Northern Italy, Lavazza is responsible for over 75% of coffee distribution in Italy. You might also have noticed they have quite a large presence here in the States as well. What you may not know is that they make more than coffee. That's right - there is such thing as a Lavazza espresso machine. In fact, there are multiple models. 

So, should you consider an espresso machine from Lavazza? Let's go over the different models.

Lavazza Blue 910 Espresso Machine

A highly compact machine, the Blue 910 brews only Lavazza Blue capsules (similar to a nespresso). A nice move by Lavazza to keep you as their customer by forcing you to only purchase their capsules. With a very compact footprint, the Blue will fit seamlessly on any kitchen countertop without attracting too much attention. 

What's great about capsule machines is their incredibly easy to use, no-fuss functionality. Simply plug it in, fill up the water tank, allow to heat up for only a minute (no really, just one minute) and go. Espresso will begin pouring out in seconds. Also, the cost is considerably less than a premium prosumer espresso machine (Rocket Espresso, Quick Mill, etc). 

What's bad about these machines is they don't really make espresso. Instead, what you'll get is really, really hot coffee. The reality is these machines don't have heating elements required to produce real espresso. They make good tasting stuff, just not espresso - sorry. Also, they don't have the ability to steam milk - you'll need an alternative method for that. 

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Lavazza Blue 2312 Espresso Machine

A litter pricier than the compact Blue 910, this Lavazza espresso machine contains some more features to justify. Ideal for households or office use, the Blue 2312 contains dual boilers, a 1 gallon reservoir and exclusive use for Lavazza capsules. Also, an attached steam wand for all your milk frothing needs. 

Going even further, Lavazza added pre-infusion - a system typically only found on prosumer espresso machines. 

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How do they compare? 

Well, in comparison to a Rocket Espresso machine or Quick Mill, they aren't even on the same level. Purchasing a Lavazza espresso machine means you're looking for one thing - no hassle coffee. 

Lavazza's are designed to be easy to use, fuss-free and affordable. Comparing them to the aforementioned brands is difficult as they aren't in the same category. That said, Lavazza is a well-known, reputable brand and their espresso machines are very well built. Make sure you know where to buy Lavazza capsules, though as their machines aren't compatible with any other capsule.

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